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We like to think outside the box. Let’s get Creative.

What is Internet Marketing? Essentially, Internet Marketing is how you market your business on the internet. Seems simple enough? Unlike SEO, internet marketing is often pay-per-click, which can be an efficient way to drive traffic and measure conversions. At MB Media Solutions, we offer full service internet marketing solutions including the content development needed, landing page development or optimization as well as Google Ads & Facebook Ads. WWe work together to maximize your online presence and implement a strategy to boost your website conversions and lead funnels. Offering packages tailored to your business needs and budget, we have something for everyone.

Game Changer

Google Ads can be a game-changing internet marketing tool for your business. Whether your goal is to increase visits to your business, get more calls or to increase traffic to your website, Google Ads can help with that. We can even set your ads to target certain geographic locations, from small neighbourhoods to province-wide.

If you’re looking to increase your revenue but are not sure where to start, talk to us today about how we can leverage your business and provide a fully scalable cost per acquisition model that you will show your monthly investment growth in new business. Whether it’s a Google Ad or a Facebook Ad, we are skilled experts in both. 

Let’s Get Creative

We like to think outside the box. Let’s get creative with video ads and display network ads for your business. Let’s increase your presence on Google searches with search network ads. We can pick and choose some of these strategies, or we can do them all. It’s entirely up to you and your business goals. What’s even better is that these all are types of Google Ads which generates an analytics report at the end of your campaign.

This means that we can see the types of customers that your ads are attracting and figure out where to go next.

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